2012 predictions

In the years that I’ve been doing predictions, this round seems to be particularly difficult. Why? Well, the overall landscape is relatively depressing. For now at least, the days of new and interesting start-ups are on hold. The big guys aren’t exactly in an experimental mood. And even social networking seems sorta played now 5 years after the introduction of MySpace.

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monster buys trovix

I didn’t think Monster could top its own stupidity after buying Affinity Labs for a ridiculous $62 million in cash earlier this year. However, they undoubtedly did top themselves today after announcing the acquisition of fairy dust matching technology provider and vertical job search engine Trovix for an OMFG $72.5 million.

Seventy-plus million for Trovix? Really?

Couldn’t Monster have saved a few bucks and just built something themselves? I mean, they apparently have $72.5 million for the project.

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